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A Reliable Product is something that provides a consistent, predictable experience when used or observed.


A category of consumer goods that do not wear out quickly, and therefore do not have to be purchased frequently.


the amount of responsiveness (or adaptability) for any future change in a product design, including new products and derivatives of existing products.

Budget Product

The production budget is determined based on sales forecasts. It is adjusted based on the company’s inventory policy in terms of planned inventory levels.


A cost-effectiveness ratio is the net cost divided by changes in health outcomes Cost efficiency is the act of saving money by changing a product or process to work in a better way.


Able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration in quality or value a durable suitcase also : designed to be durable durable goods.

Clamping Force(inTonnes)

Number of Double Action Machine

Total Number of Power Press

Testing Facilities

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We will introduce with our Products. Quality Policy .

The Quality Policy Of Sunpac Auto India is to ensure business growth through customer satisfaction by continuously meeting development, product &delivery commitments at competitive prices with close co-operation &involvements of all employees &business associates.
To ensure continual improvements in the effectiveness of the quality system throughout the organization.

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